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You hurt me and you say sorry. “It’s okay” I replied You hurt me again and you say sorry. And “its okay” I replied again. And again again…

Until one day I woke up that I’m tired, tired of being hurt. Tired of forgiving you. I left you because I’m tired- tired of understanding you. The only word that I can say to you is “sorry” sorry for loving you this much that I had forgotten my self. Sorry for the care I had given you I know sometimes it’s annoying to check you every hour if you have eaten already or what are you doing. Sorry. Sorry for leaving you. Sorry for thinking what’s best for me, but trust me this is not what I want. But when will you forgive me?

Is it my fault for leaving you? or is it your fault for hurting me this much that forced me to leave you?

Sorry just a word and there’s a lot of story behind . Sometimes we say sorry but we’re not really sorry. Sorry is a big word. It’s like saying “I love you” to someone, but saying isn’t enough for someone to believe it. Action must come after it.

Someday we will forgive and forget it each other…



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