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An open letter to the person who I love, but love wasn’t enough to continue what we have.

Hi. You don’t know how much I miss you. Every single thing I see or Every place I visit you’re the only one that pops in my mind. I miss the way you look at me like Im the most beautiful girl in this world. I miss the way you laugh, the laugh that I haven’t heard since the day we decided to end our relationship.

I miss our unexpected getway, even if we’ll be broke as f. I miss you. I don’t know if I still love you or I just miss you. Even if I still love you I know it isn’t enough for us to continue what we have, Things changed and Everything changed. Everything changed. The way we look at each other it’s like we don’t want to see each other. The way we talk there’s no more sweetness in our voices. You’re doubting like you don’t believe anything I say. How can we work this out if we’re lack of trust? I know that It’s hard to let go but I know it’s hardest if we’ll continue our complicated relationship. I just want you to know that Im missing you so much. I miss my life with you, now my world is so dark without you. But maybe this feelings will fade soon.

I know someday we will look at each other like the day one, when we were new to each other with no bitterness. Im hoping for you to have a good life with someone you deserve, someone who will love you the way I did. But first let me see my worth—my value, because I can’t im lost in your world and im finding out on how I can get out, Im lookin for the key. Don’t worry I won’t let my self to be trapped here again. because I know that someone is in your heart now…so im letting you go.


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