Unwillingly wanted, when you have no choice, but to do something you really don’t want. This is for the people struggling, doing things they really don’t want to. I really wanna open the eyes and mind of the people to live their life, not just by achieving what goals of their loved ones, but also […]


Star A unique and dazzling star A star that’s still there no matter— How hard, dark and painful to see. A star that shines in the darkest of nights, A star that lights up in some stormy days, And a star that stays in the midst of everyone who leaves —you are    (wayyya)  

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Most of the people have wished they could turn back the time-the good times they have spent with someone they love who’s already gone. Watching Alice through the looking glass I have realized, maybe a certain thing happened for a reason and a lesson. Alice wanted to help his friend to bring back his family […]

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“A flower”

There was once a fine, charming, and treasured flower. A person was given a seed. He planted it and sprinkled water on it everyday. The flower was so happy because the flower really felt the love of that person. The flower have grown resplendent and luxurious the kind of flower everyone adores. Until one day, […]

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Stop asking something if you already have an answer in your mind. Stop letting someone you love to feel that you don’t trust them, simply because loving is trusting.

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You hurt me and you say sorry. “It’s okay” I replied You hurt me again and you say sorry. And “its okay” I replied again. And again again… Until one day I woke up that I’m tired, tired of being hurt. Tired of forgiving you. I left you because I’m tired- tired of understanding you. […]

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Friendship or Feelings?

This is one of the question that keeps on popping in my head. This is one of my “what if’s” . Nakilala kita kasi you’re simple, unique, and smart. tahimik mo nga nung una eh pero dahil friendly ako kinaibigan kita. baliw din kasi ako kinakausap ko lang kahit di ko close. Naging close tayo […]

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Cool off

You ended up our relationship with these words. “Cool off” pero di mo kinacool. Let’s define COOL OFF. Cool Off yan yung desisyong ginagawa ng mag relasyon pag masyadong complicated na para daw mag pa cool or palamig. This is the part where they will decide if they’re still going to continue their relationship. Going […]

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