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A unique and dazzling star

A star that’s still there no matter—

How hard, dark and painful to see.

A star that shines in the darkest of nights,

A star that lights up in some stormy days,

And a star that stays in the midst of

everyone who leaves

you are   





Most of the people have wished they could turn back the time-the good times they have spent with someone they love who’s already gone.

Watching Alice through the looking glass I have realized, maybe a certain thing happened for a reason and a lesson.

Alice wanted to help his friend to bring back his family and as Alice traveled the time machine and she discovered that you cannot change the past because it will always end up that way.

You might not change the past, but you might learn something from it -time

Some things change and some people leave for us to learn, that nothing is permanent in this world joke, that everything happens for a reason to give us a lesson.

You should learn how to wait and to stop trapping your self in the past. History should be a guide for us in our present and future, we shouldn’t be living in our past.

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“A flower”

There was once a fine, charming, and treasured flower.

A person was given a seed. He planted it and sprinkled water on it everyday. The flower was so happy because the flower really felt the love of that person.

The flower have grown resplendent and luxurious the kind of flower everyone adores.

Until one day, The person stopped sprinkling the flower.

The person thought that the flower was fully grown, So he thought that the flower won’t need him anymore

And everyday the flower keeps on dying.

A flower that was once was fine, charming, and treasured flower.



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You hurt me and you say sorry. “It’s okay” I replied You hurt me again and you say sorry. And “its okay” I replied again. And again again…

Until one day I woke up that I’m tired, tired of being hurt. Tired of forgiving you. I left you because I’m tired- tired of understanding you. The only word that I can say to you is “sorry” sorry for loving you this much that I had forgotten my self. Sorry for the care I had given you I know sometimes it’s annoying to check you every hour if you have eaten already or what are you doing. Sorry. Sorry for leaving you. Sorry for thinking what’s best for me, but trust me this is not what I want. But when will you forgive me?

Is it my fault for leaving you? or is it your fault for hurting me this much that forced me to leave you?

Sorry just a word and there’s a lot of story behind . Sometimes we say sorry but we’re not really sorry. Sorry is a big word. It’s like saying “I love you” to someone, but saying isn’t enough for someone to believe it. Action must come after it.

Someday we will forgive and forget it each other…


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Friendship or Feelings?

This is one of the question that keeps on popping in my head.
This is one of my “what if’s” .

Nakilala kita kasi you’re simple, unique, and smart. tahimik mo nga nung una eh
pero dahil friendly ako kinaibigan kita. baliw din kasi ako kinakausap ko lang
kahit di ko close. Naging close tayo naging mag kaibigan hanggang isang araw
I just realized that hearing your name makes me smile.

Is this love? please ayaw ‘ko.

ayaw ko nang ganto. ayaw ko mainlove sayo. ‘yan yung mga sinasabi ko sa utak ko.
pero ang kulit ng heart ko kasi gumusto siya. Naging close pa din tayo. Tinago ko tong
nafifeel ko kasi ayaw ko itapon tong friendship na meron tayo.

What if? biglang may nag pop na ganyan sa utak ko.
What if itry ko aminin? What if sabihin ko sakanya nafifeel ko? What if maging okay naman? What if maunahan ako ng iba?
Malay mo naman ganun din nafifeel niya, malay mo…

Edi ayun nga sinabi ko nag lakas loob akong aminin sakanya nafifeel ko. Sinabi ko nafifeel ko.

Maling mali. Sinugal ko pag kakaibigan namin.

NATALO AKO. natalo ako hindi dahil nareject ako kundi nawala siya. Nawala yung isang taong special para sakin.
Nawala dahil sa katangahang desisyon ko. edi sana okay kami ngayon, edi sana masaya kami at sana kaibigan ko
pa din siya. Sana someday maging okay na ulit kami. maging okay na ako. Sana bumalik na yung dating tayo. Yung mag kaibigan.

To all the people out there na gusto isugal ang friendship para lang sa nararamdaman niya better think not just twice or thrice.Hindi mo din kasi alam na ikaw lang nakakafeel nun kung akala mo gusto ka niya malay mo hindi lang siya ganun sayo or baka kaibigan
lang talaga.

Masakit itago yung nararamdaman, pero mas masakit yung iwasan ka niya dahil sinabi mo nafifeel mo.

Minsan kasi mas
okay ng nakatago.

FDC’s Story. NOT MINE.

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Cool off

You ended up our relationship with these words.

“Cool off” pero di mo kinacool. Let’s define COOL OFF. Cool Off yan yung desisyong ginagawa ng mag relasyon pag masyadong complicated na para daw mag pa cool or palamig. This is the part where they will decide if they’re still going to continue their relationship.

Going back to our relationship last four years. It’s  hard for us to communicate because of our different schedules. You said to me “makakaya natin ‘to” “kakayanin natin ‘to” but what happened… You ended our relationship with 4 words “cool off muna tayo” and guess what I finally moved on after 4 years. 4 fucking years akong nag move on sayo. Hindi ko alam kung hahabulin kita o hahayaan ka nalang. But thank God kasi hinayaan kita.

Yes it hurts to see you happy without me, but to see you unhappy with me, hurts the most.

I really hate myself for loving you this much. This much that I didn’t think what’s best for me because all I know is that it’s you, you’re the best thing for me.

But I want to thank you, because you made me stronger. Thank you for being part of my life, I will never forget you.

I also want to tell you that please don’t use “cool off” to end your relationship with someone because It fucking hurts that Im waiting here, waiting for you to come back. while you’re there happy with someone else.

To all people out there who’s in relationship right now please If you don’t want to continue your relationship stop using “cool off” as an excuse to flirt.

Inspiration: PJR.(His story)

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An open letter to all people out there hiding their pain.

Hi I know you’re reading this because you’re broken. Ya admit it. Don’t worry you’re not the only person who fakes everything—smile & laugh. I know you’re hiding everything. You don’t want to show everyone how weak you are. But let me tell you something stop thinking about it. Get over it I’m not saying it will fade easily, it will fade soon the pain will fade soon. So stop thinking about it because it’s not worth it. Stop faking your smile because I know you’re pretty when you smile. You don’t know that your smile brightens up someone’s day.

Someday you will be able to smile,the smile that everyone misses. For now stop thinking about it, you can eat and eat until you get fat jk. You can travel or do everything just to be happy. You’re the only one who has the ability to choose. To choose to be happy or to be sad.

Cheer up. You can do it. I know. We know.


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An open letter to the person who I love, but love wasn’t enough to continue what we have.

Hi. You don’t know how much I miss you. Every single thing I see or Every place I visit you’re the only one that pops in my mind. I miss the way you look at me like Im the most beautiful girl in this world. I miss the way you laugh, the laugh that I haven’t heard since the day we decided to end our relationship.

I miss our unexpected getway, even if we’ll be broke as f. I miss you. I don’t know if I still love you or I just miss you. Even if I still love you I know it isn’t enough for us to continue what we have, Things changed and Everything changed. Everything changed. The way we look at each other it’s like we don’t want to see each other. The way we talk there’s no more sweetness in our voices. You’re doubting like you don’t believe anything I say. How can we work this out if we’re lack of trust? I know that It’s hard to let go but I know it’s hardest if we’ll continue our complicated relationship. I just want you to know that Im missing you so much. I miss my life with you, now my world is so dark without you. But maybe this feelings will fade soon.

I know someday we will look at each other like the day one, when we were new to each other with no bitterness. Im hoping for you to have a good life with someone you deserve, someone who will love you the way I did. But first let me see my worth—my value, because I can’t im lost in your world and im finding out on how I can get out, Im lookin for the key. Don’t worry I won’t let my self to be trapped here again. because I know that someone is in your heart now…so im letting you go.